Natural ropes

Coconut ropes are made manually from coconut fiber (coir). Coir - fiber from the interfruit of coconut nuts. Nuts are collected and soaked in water (up to 10 months), then the fibers are manually separated, combed and dried. Long and medium-sized fibers (20-30 cm) are used for the production of coir thread, from which, by torsion, coconut ropes are made. These ropes do not get wet and do not sink in water, they do not absorb moisture and smells, they do not give way to putrefaction.
Coconut ropes are used in construction, navigation, everyday life, for technical needs. Due to their natural beauty, these ropes are used in the furniture industry, interior design and landscape design. They are perfectly combined with other natural materials, such as wood, metal forging, artificial and natural stones, rough textiles.

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