Mooring ropes

Linen ropes

Using: sealing of cracks between logs of a wooden log-house, decoration of premises, decoration of various interior items, garter plants, packing of goods

Sisal ropes (sisal)

Using: finishing of wooden houses, in the fleet as mooring and auxiliary ropes, in industry, as a core in the manufacture of steel ropes, the design of rooms, stairs to the quality of fencing elements, etc..When handling goods, where it is necessary to softly move the load. As a wrapping material in the manufacture of animal claws.

Manila Rope (Manila)

Using: decorative design of wooden houses, in the fleet for the manufacture of storm ladders, ropes of cargo devices, рабочих беседок, running rigging, etc.. decoration of premises, as elements of the enclosure of stairs, at operations with cargoes, where soft cargo movement is necessary.

Jute rope (jute)

Using: sealing joints and seams wooden house, manufacture of carpet and wall coverings, of furniture, macrame, decoration of premises, use as handrails etc. packaging of goods in trade, in the mail, in production


Marlin - a sea thick double-stranded, steeply twisted thread. It is used in the same way as the packaging of goods in trade, in the mail, in production.

Coconut rope

Coconut ropes are used in construction, navigation, everyday life, for technical needs. Due to their natural beauty, these ropes are used in the furniture industry, interior design and landscape design. They are perfectly combined with other natural materials, such as wood, metal forging, artificial and natural stones, rough textiles.

Cotton rope (cotton)

Cotton rope is made of cotton fibers, the main substance of which consists of cotton fiber, is cellulose. An important property of cotton ropes is a high heat resistance, as well as they are light, soft and elastic.

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