Mooring ropes

Polyamide ropes (PA)

Ropes with excellent strength and relatively high elasticity, can be used as ropes for mating, for lifting, like tow ropes, as well as in shipping, land transportation, industry and agriculture.

Polyester ropes (PES)

Ropes with very high strength, low extensibility and high resistance to atmospheric conditions, can be used mainly when lifting heavy loads with the help of blocks,when manufacturing or finishing clothes and everywhere, where the rope can interact with water, because the rope retains its softness and in a wet state.

Polypropylene ropes (PP)

Due to its resistance to atmospheric influences and chemicals are suitable for everyday use in construction, when working in the garden, in agriculture, end due to its property not to absorb water, will find application also on each boat or ship.

Polypropylene multifilament ropes (PPM)

Due to its softness the knots are perfectly held and will find wide application both in spending free time (camping, sailing)
Due to the softness of the rope yarn and the relatively wide scale, it can also be used, for example, as ropes on the railing, or as another component of the interior

POLYHEMP - synthetic material with a natural appearance

POLYHEMP - a rope with a classic appearance, suitable mainly for traditional vessels, it is also called OLDTIMER. The rope is made of modern synthetic material, the appearance of which resembles a natural rope. Due to the material used, POLYHEMP offers higher strength and better useful properties than ropes made of natural material.

HMPE - synthetic material (Dyneema SK 75)

HMPE - number one among falleile ropes. HMPE - this ultra-high molecular weight fiber, a strong rope, which has minimal extensibility. The surface of the rope is covered with a special protective layer, which makes it more resistant to abrasion and UV radiation.Given its extraordinary properties, the rope is the number one choice for the most demanding sailors.

Taifun - combined rope(Herkules)

Taifun - combined rope(Herkules). Taifun - rope consisting of several strands. Strands of the suite in a combination of natural fibers or synthetic filaments and steel wires. Combined rope can be supplied in several variants.
These ropes are also known as "Herkules".

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